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Fix your STL data for 3D printing, with MoNoGon!

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We believe MoNoGon can promote and support your manufacturing based on polygonal meshes.

3D printing technology enables you to turn your virtual 3D model into "mono", i.e. tangible object. "Mono" means real, tangible object in Japanese.

But, unfortunately, 3D printing may fail because of holes or tiny cracks in STL data. You can fix such errors efficiently with MoNoGon.

3D printer accepts only solid model, which has no holes or cracks. MoNoGon detects such errors instantly, and serves you functions to fix those errors.

Make it tangible with 3D printer and MoNoGon!



PriceCredit card payment: (Show in detail)
1-day license 800yen
3-months liecense 29,800yen
annual license 100,000yen
DeveloperQuaTouch, Inc.
Environment Windows XP (32bit only), Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is needed.
Graphic boards of NVIDIA's Quadro series or GeForce series are recommended.

Input/Output and Procedure


MoNoGon's procedure is as follows:

  1. Import STL/OBJ file to be fixed.
  2. Errors are detected automatically and redly highlighted.
  3. Fix these errors with various functions in MoNoGon.
  4. Finally, export fixed STL file.

Note that STL exporting function is disabled without any license. You need to buy a license to export STL.


See Online Help to get usage in detail.

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